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Utility-Scale Solar Panel Cleaning

Our latest utility solar panel cleaning job

Utility-Scale Solar Panel Cleaning

Max Production is an experienced and reliable utility-scale solar panel cleaning company servicing Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Louisiana. 

Our company’s excellence is based on our culture of tenacity. Most utility-scale solar installations are about 100,000 panels up.

Cleaning these jobs requires:

  1. Careful planning
  2. Know How and Experience
  3. Lots of Equipment
  4. Technology

Utility-Scale Solar Panel Cleaning Schedules

Fixed Cleaning Jobs – Schedule Maintenance

We recommend that utility solar installations clean their sites at least 2-3 year with a fixed schedule and during high PV soiling moments.

These are typically during the dry season or when a neighbor is harvesting.Incorporating fixed schedule maintenance guarantees better overall O&M and hence performance.

Getting a cleaning crew out to your site is not as easy as snapping your fingers. 
Fixed Cleaning jobs guarantees better energy output and hence better revenue.s nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Ad Hoc Solar Panel Cleanings

We also recommend including in a service contract 1 or 2 ad hoc cleaning jobs.

A nearby fire, harvesting in the area or other events may significantly reduce the performance of your utility scale solar installation and therefore your revenue. 

PV soiling is unpredictable, include a couple cleanings to manage this unpredictability.

Our Methodology


Technology and knowledge is how we keep our costs down and transfer this benefit to our clients. 

State of the art water treatment system

High quality water is a necessary element in the utility solar panel cleaning process.

Unique processes and methods

Our experience has led us to develop custom process and methods that guarantee a good outcome.

Solar Panel protection safety systems

Everything we do takes into account your solar asset safety.

Customer Centric Team

Our processes and methods are all customer centric.

Specialized Machinery

Our specialized utility solar panel cleaning machinery is selected very carefully.

Experienced solar site cleaning experts

All our cleaning jobs are led by experienced staff. 

An efficient and effective complete cleaning service

Our service is designed to help you perform better.

Our Utility-Scale Solar Cleaning Cleaning Jobs include

Ground Mount – Fixed Tilt

Our utility-scale solar cleaning services include cleaning ground mount installations with fixed tilts.  Fixed Tilt installations are extremely common in the area that we service which includes Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina.

Most utility-scale fixed-tilt solar photovoltaic systems are have 20-30 tilt angles.

Ground Mount – Single Axis Tracker

Our utility-scale solar cleaning services include cleaning ground mount installations with single axis trackers. 

Our services do not require that you stop your energy production for us to clean. We clean while your trackers follow the sun.

Ground Mount – Agrivoltaics

Our utility-scale solar cleaning services includes cleaning agrivoltaic sites. Agrivoltaics can be with animals or crops.

Either way we can get the job done thanks to our solar panel cleaning robot. Don’t trample the crops!

Ground Mount – 2- Axis Tracker

Our utility-scale solar cleaning services includes cleaning installations with dual axis trackers.  

These installations are complicated to clean and many times our tractor brush system is not ideal so we use our solar panel cleaning robot.

Floating Solar Farms

Our cleaning services includes cleaning floating solar farms.

While these installations are still rare in the USA they are growing. We have the equipment to face this cleaning challenge.

Large Rooftop Solar Installations

Our utility-scale solar cleaning services includes cleaning large rooftop installations.

Our large rooftop solar panel cleaning services require a custom quote since rooftop installations usually require more logistical steps than ground mount installations.

Our rooftop solar panel cleaning services also include high levels of safety for operators and bystanders.

New Services

Our new services include

  • Aerial Imaging / Hotspot Detection
  • Electroluminescence Testing

Aerial Imaging / Hotspot detection

Thermal imaging technology can help you detect hot spots instantly – transforming a half-day job into minutes.

Aerial Imaging / Hotspot detection

Electroluminescence Testing

Identify and Eliminate PV Microcracks

Electroluminescence is a new service that Max Production is offering to help solar asset owners identify and eliminate PV Microcracks which in turn improve overall utility scale solar performance.

The microcracks within the silicon cells that make up your solar modules are defect that can develop into the loss of an active cell area and reduce the output of the entire string containing a defective module. 

Over time the microcracks can lead to diode activation or hot spots that represent a safety risk. 

Electroluminescence testing is a non-invasive method used to identify microcracks on site. Electroluminescence testing is performed onsite, and modules do not need to be uninstalled in order for testing to take place. Testing takes place at night so production is not disrupted.

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