Max Production Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Farm Cleaning

Solar Farm Cleaning

We are a reliable and experienced solar farm cleaning company in the US southeast. 

Servicing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

Why Choose Max Production?

  • Experience & Know how.
  • Reliability & Professionalism.
  • Safety.

Experience and Knowledge

We have extensive experience cleaning solar farms in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina and North Carolina. 

  • Solar Farms
    • Ground Mount Solar Installations with Single Axis Tracker
    • Ground Mount Solar Installation with 2-axis Trackers
    • Fixed Tilt Ground Mount Installations
    • Floating Solar Farms
    • Agrivoltaics

Each solar farm installation is unique and our years in business and knowledge help us get the job done well and efficiently.

The Solar Farm Cleaning Challenge

Solar farms are challenging to clean for multiple reasons:

  • Personnel Safety – Solar farms produce electricity and a thorough site inspection is necessary to keep our personnel safe. Electrocution and Fires are not rare occurrences in this industry.
  • Distance – Solar Farms are usually in remote places.
  • Equipment Logistics – getting the equipment to the solar farm location is sometimes difficult.
  • Water – Not all solar farms have a water source.
  • Water Treatment – If the solar farm has a water source, it has to be treated. Treating onsite is part of the process many times.
  • Equipment Power Management – Equipment needs to be powered. Getting gas to the site is part of the solar farm cleaning process.
  • PV Soiling levels – Solar panels dirtienes varies by location and time of year. How the solar panels are “soiled” is part of the process. It also means that sometimes the solar panels need 2 passes or more to get them completely cleaned.

Solar farms are challenging to clean for multiple reasons:

  • Spacing between rows may have serious erosion levels that complicate the cleaning job.
  • Personnel living arrangements – Solar Farms usually have 10,000 panels or more and cleaning these sites takes a lot of time. Our personnel sometimes has to live onsite until the job is completed.
  • Reporting – At Max Production we give a thorough before and after report so you can improve the overall management of your assets.
  • Fixed Solar Farm Cleaning during the High Season – While the rain does not clean the panels it is common that solar asset managers require solar farm cleaning services during the dry season. We highly recommend a fixed cleaning schedule that includes 2 -3 cleanings per year.
  • Ad Hoc Solar Farm Cleaning – It is a common that once a year your site has an ad hoc soiling event that reduces your performance significantly. Include an “ad hoc cleaning” in your annual contract with us.

Our Process Guarantees Customer Satisfaction

A great process without tenacity will not accomplish customer satisfaction. At the heart of our company culture is our tenacity.

Large solar farms are challenging to clean for many reasons but one of the main reasons are “the size”. A typical solar farm has 200,000 panels and the only way to overcome this cleaning challenge is to face it with tenacity.

Thorough site review and report:

  • Each solar installation is truly unique and to guarantee customer satisfaction we visit your site and give you a custom and detailed quote. 

Knowing the site allows us to perform without errors.

We own our cleaning equipment which makes us reliable.

Reliability – Our services are reliable which turns into reliable power generation. 

Safety is part of everything we do and it is not something that we compromise.

Our Machinery

  • Tractor Brush System.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning Robotics.
  • Van.
  • DI Tanks.
  • Hoses.

Our Complementary Equipment

  • Van.
  • DI Tanks.
  • Hoses.
  • Latters.
  • Testing Equipment.
  • TDS.

Our Solar Farm Cleaning Services include

Ground Mount – Fixed Tilt

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning ground mount installations with fixed tilts. These kinds of installations are common in the USA and usually have less than 30 degree pitch.

Ground Mount – Single Axis Tracker

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning ground mount installations with single axis trackers. We can clean your solar farm at night or during the day time.

Ground Mount – Agrivoltaics

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning agrivoltaic sites. Agrivoltaics can be with animals or crops.

Either way we can get the job done thanks to our solar panel cleaning robot. Don’t trample the crops!common in the USA and usually have less than 30 degree pitch.

Ground Mount – 2- Axis Tracker

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning installations with dual axis trackers.

Floating Solar Farms

Our cleaning services includes cleaning floating solar farms.

While these installations are still rare in the USA they are growing. We have the equipment to face this cleaning challenge.

Large Rooftop Solar Installations

Our solar farm cleaning services includes cleaning large rooftop installations.

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