Max Production Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

Our commercial and industrial solar panel cleaning services cover all solar installation types.

We provide service in the following areas: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Why Choose Max Production?

  • Experience & Know how.
  • Reliability & Professionalism.
  • Safety.

Experience and Knowledge

We have extensive experience cleaning the following kinds of solar installations

  • Carports
  • Ground Mount 
  • Rooftop Solar Installation
    • Large Flat Roofs
    • Large Inclined Rooftops
  • Floating Installations
  • Agrivoltaics

Each installation is unique and our years in business and knowledge help us get the job done well and efficiently.

Reliability & Professionalism

Dirt or PV soiling reduces performance by up to 30%. A reliable solar panel cleaning company means reliable power output and hence reliable cost savings. 

Our professional solar panel cleaning services let you focus your efforts elsewhere. We are solution not a problem.


Solar Panel Cleaning can be dangerous. Solar installations generate electricity and cleaning these sites puts at risk the operators and bystanders. We have a safe centric cleaning culture at Max Production.

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Machinery

To be able to face each cleaning challenge successfully it is imperative to understand and have the right solar panel cleaning machinery. Each solar installation is unique and our experienced team uses their expertise to get the job done well and efficiently. Max Production owns the equipment and this allows us to be competitive and reliable.

Tractor Brush Solar Panel Cleaning System

Our tractor brush solar panel cleaning system is ideal or

  • Solar Farm Cleaning
  • Large Ground Mount Installations

Our tractor brush cleaning system and our good management allows us to be 

  • Competitive
  • Reliable
  • Effective
  • Productive
  • SAFE

Solar Panel Cleaning Robotics

Our solar panel cleaning robot is an ideal tool for 

  • Rooftop installations
  • Muddy ground mount installations
  • Floating Installations
  • Agrivoltaics

Complementary Equipment

Max Production has all the necessary complementary equipment needed to get the job done. We do not rent anything and this.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Process

Each solar installation is truly unique and we face each solar panel cleaning challenge with a 12 step process that allows us to provide a quality service.

  1. Safety – Safety is at the forefront of our process and company culture. We follow OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 guidelines and more. We analyze each site and design a custom safety check process for each specific site. 
    • Operator Safety
    • ByStander Safety
  2. PV Site Damage Control – We guarantee not to damage your installations
  3. Transportation
  4. Setup
  5. Water Treatment
  6. Water Management
  7. Array Cleaning
  8. Gap Management
  9. Row to Row 
  10. Equipment power management
  11. Departure
  12. Transportation

Why Choose Max Production

Experience & Know how

Reliability & Professionalism


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